Hot Corner Concepts has partnered with Bohemian Foundation to launch Feeding Our Community, a pilot meal program to provide free meals to households at risk of food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Company leadership described these efforts and more in an email to customers:
“Our decisive action to close up shop has been in the best interest of our employees’ safety and protecting the longevity of our restaurant operation. The leadership team at Hot Corner Concepts has been actively engaged with staff communication and care. Far from idle time, we have worked hard every day to strategically position ourselves to provide a vital service for those in need, with an eye on preparations for a quick reopen.
Shutting down five fully equipped kitchens left us with walk-in coolers full of wonderful food. We knew we had to do something! Rather than let it go to waste or offload in a one-time donation, we wanted to be a part of an initiative with further reach. We were looking for something that would activate the kitchen space we have available and create work for as many restaurant employees as possible.
We decided to invite all our staff to pick up a free, cooked meal every day while we remain closed for business. Community partners have since come alongside us to support the endeavor and expand its reach.”
During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in the Fort Collins community come together in the best and most creative ways, because they know to and because they want to. These stories of businesses working together truly exemplify the strength, resilience and commitment to our economic vitality. They are Bringing Business Home.