For Terrence Jackson, it’s all about integrity and service.

As owner of Entertainment AV, an audiovisual equipment consultant and installer to homes and businesses up and down the Front Range, he believes in keeping his three team members and his customers happy.  If you treat both with integrity and serve them as you’d like to be served, he figures, your business will thrive.

“As a small business, we want repeat customers and referrals,” Terrence said. “And the only way to ensure that is to meet their expectations and to demonstrate the value of our work when they’re in their homes.”

In his own home, Terrence and his wife, Diane, are raising seven kids ages 6 months to 17 years—five biological children plus an adopted nephew and a foster child. There’s that integrity and service again.

The Jacksons believe in working hard and playing hard. Both parents work full-time, and they require the kids to earn good grades. Terrence and Diane also support their children’s participation in competitive sports, which include basketball, volleyball and track.

Most Sundays you’ll find the Jacksons in the pews of Vineyard Church of the Rockies. “We’ve been blessed with what we have, and we’re showing the kids how to give back in the community,” Terrence said.

Giving back includes volunteering for the local Boys & Girls Club, coaching youth volleyball, and donating money to various charitable organizations. “Some of what we give is money,” said Terrence, “but we also try to give our time and talents.”

As you might imagine, time is a rare commodity when you own your own business and have seven busy children. Thursdays used to be the only day the family didn’t have practices, games or school activities in the evening, but now Thursdays are booked too. So it’s not often you’ll find Terrence relaxing in front of his own TV system at home, but then again, he wouldn’t have it any other way.