On June 4, 2019, we conducted a day-long interview Sprint for our Bringing Business Home Campaign, which showcases community members whose lives have been positively influenced by their employment at a local business. Over the course of 10 hours, we interviewed eight different people from six different businesses in Fort Collins. These employees work for both small and large businesses — all of which contribute to the strength of our economic vitality.

Even though Liz Burrack spends most of her days analyzing financial information, there’s more to her than just numbers and operations.

Her true passion is in helping others. Liz is a volunteer and board treasurer for the Children’s Speech & Reading Center, a nonprofit that helps provide individualized speech-language and reading therapy to children who need it, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

This organization is close to her heart because her youngest brother (she’s one of eight siblings!) has a learning disability. She remembered how his condition affected him growing up, and her family was fortunate enough to provide him with the resources and support he needed.

“It’s important to recognize how important it is to have that growth and support when you need it in childhood,” she explained. “It can really help drive whether or not you’re successful in life. I want people to have access to any of the resources they need, despite of their financial means to do so.”

Luckily, Liz’s employer offers paid volunteer time off (and even backs with additional donations) to tackle these volunteer initiatives — one of many aspects she loves about her company. Liz is a financial manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and her focus is on worldwide financial planning and analysis for the global corporation with roots in Fort Collins. Her father worked in sales at the company’s Austin location, which is why she decided to turn in her application after getting her degree from Colorado State University.

She hasn’t looked back since.

“For me, genuine connection is a really big thing,” she said. “From the get-go, HPE paired me with a mentor and gave me growth opportunities. I love the fact that I can go and jump into volunteer and learning opportunities and no one questions it. Here, I have the freedom to drive my own career and to drive my own passions.”

In her off-time, Liz is a self-proclaimed nerd and immerses herself in strategic board games. She frequents Fort Collins bars like Dungeons and Drafts with her friends and loves going on hikes with her wife, Haley, and 95-pound Malamute dog, Titan. Liz also loves to cook and put her associate’s degree in culinary art to the test at home — another degree she earned in addition to her finance and mathematics degrees from CSU.

For Liz, Fort Collins is full of purpose both personally and professionally, and that’s what makes our city home to her.