On June 4, 2019, we conducted a day-long interview Sprint for our Bringing Business Home Campaign, which showcases community members whose lives have been positively influenced by their employment at a local business. Over the course of 10 hours, we interviewed eight different people from six different businesses in Fort Collins. These employees work for both small and large businesses — all of which contribute to the strength of our economic vitality.

Even though she works in an office that’s always focusing on numbers, S.J. Meyer offers support through her creativity and exuberance.

Often considered the “hub of the universe” at Shaw & Associates, S.J. is the bottleneck of the small business in her role as Office Manager — one she’s had for nearly one year. Whenever a client needs one of the six associates at the firm, she’s their friendly connection. Whenever an associate has something for a client, S.J. sends it off for them with a smile. By helping manage 700 to 800 clients for the small business and using her background in marketing and design to address other important tasks, S.J. plays a huge role in the local firm’s success.

Despite everything S.J. tackles at her job, she tackles just as much outside of it.

S.J., who has lived in Fort Collins for 8 years now, is originally from New Mexico. She’s always been obsessed with the smell of fresh air, friendly folks and a beautiful mountain backdrop. These reasons are what led her to give Fort Collins a shot after attending college in Wyoming. She’s never regretted her decision to do so, and that makes sense — this woman is the epitome of Fort Collins living.

S.J. loves to ride her motor scooter to Old Town or any of the local breweries. She has a 7-year-old mutt named Marvin who she regularly takes to the dog parks around town. She finds herself hiking in the foothills on the days she needs to clear her head, and enjoys sitting around the fire pit in her backyard on cool summer nights.

“There’s always something to do to keep things fresh and exciting,” she said.

You may have seen S.J. slinging corndogs at a local food truck rally for Corndoggies, a well-known artisan food truck in town that serves uniquely delicious corndogs. Her boyfriend, John, owns the truck, which she helps run in her free time. She is also the event coordinator for his catering company, LickSkillet, which caters personalized meals for weddings, corporate events and more.

On top of putting together events for LickSkillet, she plans weddings for local couples to feed her passion of event coordination.

“I just love making people happy,” she said. “There’s something about putting together an event where people can walk away with amazing memories. I always want my events to be the best event imaginable, where even after guests leave, they’re still talking about it.”

Fort Collins is a town where people like S.J. and John can make it. She said she loves the spirit and support this city has for its businesses — new and old.

“Everyone has a chance here,” she explained. “Everything has a purpose.”

Although S.J. finds beauty in cities and places across the nation, there’s something special about Fort Collins that keeps her here. There’s something about the energy of this city that drives her to work here, play here, volunteer here and live here. And there’s no place she’d rather be.

“I’ll always love this town,” S.J. says. “No matter what.”