During these challenging times, Aims strives to support our employees, students, and community members in every way we can.

To maintain a safe learning environment, Aims transitioned to online and remote learning in March and will continue online and remote learning through the summer. During the transition time, Aims worked diligently to provide devices to students and employees to work and study from home, and policies and procedures were modified to accommodate our new environment.

Fundraising for additional scholarships took place. The Aims Foundation “Keep the Dream Alive” campaign issued 52 scholarships for $1000.00 each to help st udents persist and stay in school.

To support our community, Aims took inventory of our medical supplies and donated supplies and PPE to the Office of Emergency Management and first responders. We also designed and 3D-printed surgical mask clips to donate to Banner Health. Additionally, Aims has now partnered with UCHealth to operate a drive-through Covid-19 testing site on our Greeley campus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in the Fort Collins community come together in the best and most creative ways, because they know to and because they want to. These stories of businesses working together truly exemplify the strength, resilience and commitment to our economic vitality. They are Bringing Business Home.

Photos courtesy of Aims Community College Facebook page